Welcome to 4EyesPhotography

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Brendan is a keen photographer who is lucky enough to live in Lancashire surrounded by some spectacular views for photography.

He has always had a keen interest in photography, he developed his Skills with a basic SLR and purchased a Canon 450d EOS a great camera to start with.

He currently uses a Canon 60d,a professional DSLR and he finds this a much better camera to work with

Brendan's main interest is still life photography and produced shots using everyday items such as stationary, fruit, glass, sweets and wine Brendan does enjoy shooting landscape in particular sunsets which can be difficult in Britain!!! .

Brendan hopes you enjoy his website as much as we have enjoyed creating it for him. As Brendan produces more shots we will upload them to view all shots select a folder from the left, any comments can be left in the guestbook or follow him on Twitter